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Pacific Textiles is committed to protecting the environment and supporting the regional sustainable development. We improve operation efficiency and adopt various measures to effectively use resources, reduce emissions and wastes, alleviate environmental impact and mitigate climate change, so that other stakeholders in the community can enjoy an undamaged natural environment.


Pacific Textiles considers green manufacturing and environmental protection not only as the responsibility of a responsible corporate citizen, but also as the basis of long-term sustainability. Pacific Textiles has been actively trying its best to achieve harmonious development of the company, natural environment and stakeholders.


We strive to protect environment through environmental engineering projects such as energy-efficient machine replacements, the upgrading of equipment, and the increasing use of renewable energies in production for purpose of reduction of energy use and greenhouse gases emissions. Our factories are certified to have met international environmental standards such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.


We believe that the growth of employees will drive the development of Pacific Textiles, so we actively support employee’s personal development. In addition to providing equitable work opportunities and mutual respect, we protect the general diversity of our staff. Meanwhile, we will continue our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy working environment in the future.


In order to contribute to the community development, we actively participate in the public welfare activities such as offering employment opportunities and educational assistance for local communities where we operate.


We aim to establish quality and highly-efficient corporate governance practice, adhere to principles of transparency and accountability, to achieve long-term and valuable growth. We have established a comprehensive governance structure to ensure effective governance.

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