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About Us
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Pacific Textiles Ltd is a leading manufacturer of customized knitted fabric in textile industry.  The headquarters is located in Hong Kong, an international commercial hub in Asia Pacific, with its production base in Panyu, South China - heart of Pearl River Delta Region.  The production plant is well-equipped with advanced production facilities, including a scalable water treatment facility and cogeneration power plant, which are keys to production efficiency and flexibility.  Providing integrated services of knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing, with an annual production capacity of approximately 87 million KG. More than 6,500 staff are employed in the production area and many of them are experienced professionals in textile industry.

It has collaborated closely with apparel brand owners to design fabrics that meet customized order particulars.  Its finished fabrics comprise more than 5,000 designs and specifications to sell to the global market.  The fabrics are used in a broad range of garments, including men’s, women’s and children’ clothing, sportswear, swimwear and inner-wear.  It has established relationships with owners and leading brands worldwide.


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